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MrWiffelure® Story


MrWiffelure, originally named Mr Wiffle,
is a soft plastic fishing jig style lure, with a shad body.

It ‘s sickle style swimming tail is perforated with four holes in it. This unique style of tail makes a sonic sound as it ungulates through the water with also good fish attracting action.
Very little movement of the lure is required to make the sound and action, which attracts fish like magic. Fish of all species will bite the MrWiffelure. The tail flutter with the sound triggers the fish to aggressively strike this double scented “Sonic Tail” Lure. Catching lots of fish is the goal of most fisherman and MrWiffelure® has definitely been a favorite of anglers all ages.

MrWiffelure® catches fish in fresh and salt water alike. It is used and admired by the most experienced of fishermen. After a few years of halted production and a great demand for this
lure, MrWiffelure® is now swimming, hunting & looking to catch fisherman and their fish once again.

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MrWiffelure® is USA made in the very same molds using the same tough especially blended plastics as the original Mr Wiffle’s. It is attracting as many fish and anglers as ever before. The only difference (other than the name change) is this jig lure is now it’s being double scented.

MrWiffelure® is scented when the liquid plastic is injected into the mold and then scented again when the lures are packaged. How many other soft plastic lures give you fish attraction by sound, action and double scent as well at any given movement of speed.

Only one, MrWiffelure® can do that. MrWiffelure‘s® mission is “that your drag always be pulled, and many fish caught while fishing with the MrWiffelure®”.

If you would like to know more about the history of Mr Wiffle (now MrWiffelure®), please read on…

The MrWiffelure® Story

A few decades ago in Virginia, a fishermen named Dick Smaling experimented with different types of lures trying to attract his favorite catch of weakfish also known as the gray or spotted sea trout. Mr. Smaling designed the original Mr Wiffle believing that the perforated holes in the lure’s tail attracted fish.

RootBeer-Glitter-Gold-Chartreuse-TailThe tail’s shape and design made the lure quite effortless to use because it makes noises that fish can hear & has an action they like even when just resting in the water with the smallest amount of movement either from current or angler cranking speed.

Mr. Smaling sold his Mr Wiffle’s at local bait and tackle shops in Virginia Beach, but the marketing of Mr Wiffle did not expand beyond the local area.

Frustrated that Mr Wiffle was not being sold to bigger markets knowing this lure worked so well and caught so many fish. Mr. Smaling wanted out of the fishing lure business. Mr. Smaling’s  wonderful lure would not be forever lost, though.

A gentleman named Ted Sheridan who was looking at baits in his local tackle store happened to come across the Mr Wiffle lures. Liking the lure and its unique design he contacted Mr. Smaling and discussed marketing prospects with him.

bait-tackleSheridan used his marketing expertise to get the Mr Wiffle’s on the shelves of various independent tackle shops and in as some major box stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears and K-Mart.

Mr Wiffle’s sales increased greatly and it was highlighted in fishing magazines, newspapers and on numerous outdoor TV shows. Mr Wiffle became an early plastic jig lure pioneer & a featured star, just as Mr. Smaling had always hoped.

The stardom of Mr Wiffle was not long lived though because of yet another hurdle it had to endure. Mr. Sheridan became ill and his parent company, Tidewater Lures Inc., had to halt production of Mr Wiffle fishing lures.

The availability of Mr Wiffle dwindled and became limited to those already in stock. In 2011, Captain Skip Strong was fishing with friends in Chokoloskee, Florida’s 10,000 islands when he inquired if they had a favorite lure they preferred to use.

With much admiration, his friends showed him the Mr Wiffle’s telling him that they were hard to find and probably no longer available. Intrigued by the lures design like Ted Sheridan before him, Captain Skip searched for Mr Wiffle fishing lures on the internet.

Big-Trout-Chokoloskee-BayCaptain Skip found during his search that Mr. Sheridan was actually selling the production molds used to produce Mr Wiffle lures. He decided to bring Mr Wiffle’s back to life. He bought the molds and all rights to the Mr Wiffle fishing lures from Mr. Sheridan and Mr Wiffle was reborn again.

Due to Mr Wiffle’s previous trademark expiring and an impending opposition to using the original Mr Wiffle name it was decided to rename the Mr Wiffle fishing lure to the new name of MrWiffelure®.

Now MrWiffelure® is swimming happily catching many fish, from the Chokoloskee Islands to the northern headwaters of Everglades National Park’s 10,000 islands. MrWiffelure® remains the same with a different name, but has a brand new outlook and is double scented. MrWiffelure® is still catching fish effortlessly, and his mission is being accomplished. MrWiffelure will soon be swimming into the tackle stores near you .

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