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Live Action Shad Baits

Live Action Shad Baits
Made In The USA

Live Action Shad Baits Salt Pepper jigging The Deep Rock Holes In Everglades National Park

Live Action Shad Baits Salt PepperThe deep rock holes is on the game plan with Captain Rodney our local guide out of Chokoloskee Island. Today we’re testing the Live Action Shad Baits Salt Pepper  courtesy of MrWiffelure to demonstrate their usefulness jigging the deep rock holes with the Live Action Shad Baits Salt Pepper in the backwaters surrounding Chokoloskee Island.

Today we join Capt. Skip and Pro staffer Capt. Rodney Raffield testing the versatility of the New technology MrWiffelure in the backwaters of the Everglades National Park.

I just caught about a ten-inch mangrove Rodney’s got a nice fish on, probably a grouper at the moment. What do you have captain? A grouper huh?

I think so. We have been catching some reds, on the inside, so a red grouper and is certainly possible.)

Get up on top of him, he’s coming. There he is.

Now guys, this is the nicest red grouper I have caught on the inside and but, he is not legal, I don’t think. (caught with MrWiffelure’s New Technology Live Action Shad Baits, color Salt Pepper with blood tail)

He’s got to be eighteen or twenty-two inches long to be legal, right?

(He’s got to be twenty.)  The point is, the red grouper have been really few on these inside areas, there haven’t been that many, but over the last few years they have been showing up and that is one of the nicer ones that I have had caught in the backcountry inside.

Here you go, two casts, red grouper and a mangrove snapper, both on the four-inch MrWiffelure. Jigging the deep rock holes with Captain Rodney Raffield from Chokoloskee, Florida.

You can contact MrWiffelure Pro staffer Capt. Rodney Raffield at PH 239-695-0695 to book your sightseeing or fishing trip if you are going to be in the Everglades area. MrWiffelure promises you will not be disappointed. Visit Capt. Rodney on Facerbook  Everglades Back Country Experience

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