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How To Rig

Various Ways to Rig the MrWiffelure® Sonic Tail Fishing Lures

one1) Four inch MrWiffelure® rigged on a jig head. Insert jig head up to one half ounce so that tail faces opposite of hook. Effective in fresh and saltwater jigging or casting.

2) Four inch MrWiffelure® rigged on spinner bait. Effective for fresh water as well as saltwater species, and can be used as a trailer on buzz bait, or inline spinner baits. It just catches everything, it seems so unfair.

3left3) Four inch MrWiffelure® Plubber Worm rigged on one-eighth ounce jig head, This lure can be rigged either weed less or as pictured. Effective for all species. Even birds try to eat this thing.

4) Six inch MrWiffelure® rigged on jig head or 0n hook. This lure catches anything that swims Over six inches l0ng. Fish can‘t resist this big bait. Fish it slow, slower, slowest.



5) Six inch MrWiffelure® rigged on spinner bait. Proven DEADLY for striped bass, large-mouth bass, musky, wall-eye, trout, and cobia. If you don’t catch a big one on this bait, take up golf!



6) Six inch MrWiffelure® Plubber Worm rigged on a Woody’s Rattle and hook, or a rear weighted hook. Use a loop knot when fishing this or any lure. Fish top, on the bottom, or falling.


7) Eight-inch MrWiffelure® Plubber Worm. “The Mouthful” Contains the trademarked holes as all MrWiffelure® lures do. This can be rigged 0n a wide-gaped hook or on a buck tail. Fish this as a jerk-bait or a worm, and hold on!

8r8) This lure catches any pan-fish when rigged on a jig head cf 1/32 oz. up t0 1/4 oz. can The rigged piggy-hack for saltwater species, or under a float for fresh water species. Bass or Crappie.

Use the Li1’ Wiffle as a piggy back bumper guard for any lure. Lil’ MrWiffelure® rigged on 1/16 oz spinner bait. This is a killer for small mouth bass wall—eye, or crappie. Don’t be fooled by its size, this bait carries a big punch. It’ll knock the fish out.

Everybody Catches Fish With MrWiffelure®

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